Bicyclette is a bike-café located in an old restored oil mill in the village of Montescudaio. Bicyclette was born by combining a passion for cooking with a passion for bicycles, with the idea of creating a cozy place where you can feel good, share your time, your passions and meet new people.

Our philosophy is to select and process high-quality local products, preparing all our dishes "in house" at the moment.

We know that coffee is an integral part of the culture of cycling, which is why coffee is the heart and soul of Bicyclette. Whether it's filter coffee, W60 or Chemex, or a classic espresso, you'll find a selection of plantation and specialty coffees with us.

We specialize in Anglo-American pastries:
cheese cake, banana bread, vegan carrot cake, brownies...
every day you will find a different proposal from our bakery to start your day.

From breakfast to brunch, we offer dishes with balanced nutritional values, dedicated to cyclists or those with special needs.

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